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Try to Motivate

I always try to be positive. You should be too. I try to motivate those around me, I don't believe anything is impossible despite my own things not always getting done. I think anything is possible in the grander scheme.

Just Think 🤔

You are you, you're amazing, you have a brain with consciousness. This again is amazing. I can't even contemplate how cool this is on its own.

I often people watch and the main thought that runs through my head is the sheer amazement that all these people have brains and are thinking and doing just blows my mind. Mini universes inside each person, interconnected somehow like the stars in the sky.

It's a new year and with each new year the cliché goes. New you, new beginnings etc etc...

Go and do something meaningful this year. Go create, share, help and just motivate those around you to do better too.

Close your eyes and imagine the possibilities ahead of you.

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