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The Mind Rebooted

I was really looking forward to the Christmas just gone but unfortunately fell ill with the flu. Bed bound for the holidays with shivers and a fever I had quite a few bad dreams. I don't usually remember my dreams anymore.

Maybe because life is busier now?

The first bad dream from what I recall now was this strange entrapment in geometric shapes and spaces (similar scenes from intersteller), with every feverish turn I would reset the rubix cube style nightmare and be falling again. This dream space was unreal, but to me now makes sense that it may have been some kind of brain reorganization / clear out.

The Last dream before I started getting better was me being stuck in a horror movie, where some travelers come across a motel and stay, where they later learn they are being filmed and the staff are trying to kill them. I've seen the movie before but don't remember the name now. In this I was somehow moving and positioning the camera's around to get the different shots, maybe this ties into my recent ongoing need/want to vlog, which I have yet to actually edit and get out there into the either.


Getting to the point

In the moment, while reflecting back on my down time, I came out the other side much stronger mentally, I think this was a much needed reboot of my mind, a spring clean if you will. As soon as I started feeling better I had this clarity, this focus. My mind was somehow sharper.

As a developer I am constantly using my brain to serve the problems faced before me, sometimes spending hours in flow diagnosing issues I may have even caused in my code. My mental health is something I worry about. I meditate to have mindfulness and to quite my ever thinking brain.

While being Ill I didn't pick up my phone every 5 minutes, I wasn't on my laptop checking emails or working. This is why I feel my brain is clearer, it needed a break. A forced break but a break non the less.

I encourage you to get some brain down time, let things reboot. Go for a walk, leave the phone at home.

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