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I 💙 React!

When I first started hearing about ReactJS quite a while back, I was like most, damn another framework to learn. After the first few looks at it, I was like I am not learning this...It looks complicated as shit. (Because of the all-new ES6 Javascript stuff) But because of the place I worked at I was forced into learning it, which wasn't a bad thing nor did I really not want to do I just didn't have the time outside of work to set aside and start learning. Once they gave me the opportunity to start learning in work by diving into the ES6 awesomeness and then into JSX I could see how amazing it was all together. At first glance, it does look pretty scary but in reality, it's a lot more simple than you think. Do not let it scare you!

It has made me a much better Javascript developer because of it!


More to follow...

Cover Photo Credit:
unsplash-logoMartin Shreder