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So I am slowly slowly trying to learn Node.js and so far the main issue that has held me back is trying to jump right in and use a mean stack when I am not familuar with the frameworks that are included such as Express.js, Angular.js and Mongo DB. So now I am going to try and do things in a more simple approach and build up my knowledge from the ground up.

First off I have started back at codeschool with http://node.codeschool.com/

I have now followed the tutorial below and love the way that the code is commented:


I have also found the following articles that all seem to be the similar..if not the same.



What I am hoping to achieve from this is to create a restful web app that I can then extend using Angular.js as a seperate app that will talk to my api. I will hope to get an app up in the next few months.

The bit that I have so far come to a halt with is being able to upload an image to the api in its purest form.

Getting a little closer with the following video on streams in node:


Tools of the trade

When creating a new node.js application you wont want to be constantly stopping and starting your app when you make changes so you could use the awesome nodemon tool like so:

In terminal:

npm install -g nodemon

nodemon appname