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This project died a while back as I gave up. I have come a long way in my development knowledge since then and may revisit this in the future. Maybe a React Native learning app?


The journey of creating a food sharing app called Hungr.

I've started off with a very basic structure for this app by keeping the backend and frontend seperate. Hopefully this should give me more flexability when it comes to learning node.js and angular.js.

The Backend

So far this is a simple node.js app running express.js serving my routes for the api. I will soon add the database schemas for the data I want to save and retrieve using mongoose middleware.

Some things I am not too sure on yet are:

  • How I should handle user logins
  • User sessions
  • Uploading of Images
  • Information I should store for users etc etc

The Frontend

I have so far laid out a simple unformatted foundation for an angular.js app that I will use to communicate with the frontend.
I have quite a lot to get done for this such as working on a simple user friendly design and then coding this up to grab bits of data I need.

I will update this post when I can...for more follow the project on Github

I have finally got a logo for the app :)

Hungr Logo

Cover Image Credit:
unsplash-logoBrooke Lark