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2018 Goals

A very public list of my goals for 2018


  • I would like to continue working on my health, last year I was mainly focused on my mental health with mindfulness. This year I think that needs to be extended to include a lot more physical exercise too as I neglected the gym in favour of well not going to the gym and eating junk food.
  • Last year I did increase my reading but not to the amount I was truly hoping for so this year I need to step that up too by actually finishing some of the books I started.
  • Do more code, always a good one considering I code fulltime as a contractor anyway.
  • Start a vlog on Youtube, I need to build up my confidence and develop stories.
  • Launch Yourorderhub as this was supposed to be ready and launched in 2017 but I rarely worked on it, unfortunately.

I hope to update this post as I go through the year.